La Calamuchita is separate from the bustle of the city. It is located in the foothills of the AndeanMountains with springs of crystal clear water. La Calamuchita houses beautiful biodiversity thatoriginates from the native forests, which trace an idyllic landscape of deep and infinite tranquility.Its design is conceived without limitations when enjoying an incomparable view. It allows you toenjoy the outdoors and seamlessly interact with the river and nature. The joy is in thecontemplation of the landscape, enjoying the stillness and silence, and finding the most vividcolors in the birds.

We are privileged to be able to enjoy these wonders of nature!

In the Colombian Andes, situated in the coffee region, millenary treasures are protected. A green legacy of mountains, through which crystalline flows descend like the Otún River. The river is a source of life that has bathed indigenous peoples for hundreds of years. It continues to water the furrows of coffee plantations and orchards. Offering magical landscapes that represent the Coffee Cultural Landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Throughout this nature reserve, countless species take refuge, such as otters, herons, sloth bears, spectacled bears, pumas, howler monkeys, torrent ducks, caucana guans, ravines, parakeets, multicolored tanagers, mountain tapirs, frogs of striking colors, yellow canaries, macaw parrots, blackbirds, toucans, turpiales and a great variety of butterflies. Endemic species that only belong to Colombia.

As for the beautiful flora, there are magnolias, oaks, laurels, cedars, rosemary, pioneer species such as the yarumo and a large number of epiphytes. In addition, there are plantations of guadua, urapanes, pines, cypresses, eucalyptus, coffee wax palms, very emblematic of the region.

Where did the name La Calamuchita come from?

Calamuchita come from the Indigenous words, "Ctalamochita" or "Talamochita", linking two voices and a suffix. "Ctala" and "Mochi" which mean "Tala" and "Molle" respectively, and "Ita", which expresses "Abundance". "Calamuchita" indicates an abundance of feelings and molles.

Calamuchita is one of the 26 departments of the province of Córdoba, Argentina, located in the center - west, primarily in the mountainous area. The name of this department has been taken from the largest river not only in the region but also in the province, and which the aborigines called Ctalamochita, according to the first Spaniards who transcribed into Castilian at that time, the sounds with which the natives defined this watercourse.

The choice of its name is due to the fact that one of its owners was born in the department of Calamuchita, province of Córdoba - Argentina. He found many similarities between the Otún River basin, with his homeland, in addition to falling in love with the landscape. The cultural coffee grower of Colombia, wanted to pay homage to his terroir by naming his house “La Calamuchita River House”.

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